Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Little Boy and a Big God

       My wife and I have been enduring a crisis time in our life for this past year, and in that stress and anxiety we've been daily praying for encouragement, for a miracle. During the time we've tried to shelter our kids from as we can, and provide a 'stable life.' Well my little 4 year old, at lunch time prayer yesterday (saying "grace") on 6/14/11, had a special request. Usually he's been in the habit of just saying a very scripted sounding prayer of his own making, basically just the same prayer he always says unless we help 'remind' him of particular prayer requests he might want to mention.
But this time was different. The last several days, and off and on for weeks I suppose, he had been asking questions here and there about God.  We try to answer questions without pushing him too much. During this prayer time, my little boy prayed saying that he wanted God to be in HIS heart and to save him. What's amazing is how we didn't prod the prayer or him in any way.
I asked him later, about why he wanted God in his heart, and he said it was because "God is wonderful" and "not even bad." My wife at the time did discuss 'sin' again with him to try to confirm that he understood why it was that being saved was necessary.  He is young, and will no doubt wrestle with the mysteries of Faith as he continues on, as we all do. I'm just amazed he would be comprehending enough to initiate a prayer like that at his age. Both he and his sister never cease to amaze, we can only hope that she will also see the need for Faith.  

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  1. He continues to cause me to stand in awe. Even today at the grocery store, we were partaking in the yummy samples when he felt the need to control the conversation. This is a normal practice for him. He said something random that had to do with when you sin there is a sacrifice and an animal dies. As you can tell, the journey of understanding his salvation has continued. My amazement today was how forward he is to talk about it to anyone at any time. Oh, that God would show me more of how to Love Him as even this little child!