Friday, September 9, 2011

check out   has a post that is fitting for this September time.  There are 2 parts of a broadcast, in which Jay Jonas, a NYFD survivor of 9/11 recants his experience on the day of the attacks as he and his men had went into a tower to help only to find that they would be fighting to save themselves.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Media Page - Look UP now!

    In the menu navigation bar you'll notice a new page called 'Media' that has been added.  This is basically a method of saying to you "hey, check out this song or video!"   Basically when I come across a song or video that is especially touching or motivating and inspirational I'll try to get it included on that page. I try to also include amazon links as well so that you can get hold of it for yourself. Understand if you aren't looking to get the whole CD, you can usually browse your way to buying the MP3 from amazon, often for less or around 99 cents per song.
Some songs are especially motivating or moving; and perhaps that all depends on where you are at in life at the moment of hearing it. Regardless, hopefully you'll be moved by some of these pieces like I was, and it may introduce you to a new artist you've never heard before. Enjoy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Draft: Is Our Sunday Best Really Best?

Draft:  Is Our Sunday Best Really Best?

    When I began attending church, because of 'a girl,' back in high school the concept of appropriate dress came up.  Appropriate Dress? Now as I look back I think just how horrendous of an idea that is. Actually I kind of thought it back then too, but it just seemed like typical rebellion then. I believe my first sunday at the small Baptist church, in a small town, I wore a sweater, and *GASP*  ... jeans.   The girl, who's father was youth minister at this church, later told me and admitting she was under apprehension about my attire, that her Dad commented that "he has a nice shirt on" when she brought up my wardrobe choice to him.  His response at the time seemed like a relief, and now seems like symptoms of a long drawn out cancer of the church. Currently, I've not researched enough to even take much of a stab at knowing where or when such ideas of dress code started. And a talk about dress code can go into many directions. But for now and in this simple informal post, I'm just focusing on the thought that one may not be "dressed up enough" for church. So in this post I'm not considering things like modesty or inappropriate images/words into account, though tentatively, I think the only thing that would bother me is the modesty issue due to it being such a stumbling block for men directly and for women indirectly.
     When you personally go to God in prayer, are you always wearing your Sunday Best? I would hope not, for you surely aren't praying nearly enough. So the misconception that dressing in your Sunday best for church surely was born out of a combination of vanity and pride towards our fellow man rather than any consideration for God. The God of 1 Samuel 15:22 surely doesn't render much value from how one is dressed when coming to him in worship, whether you chose the 2 piece suit or khakis. In fact if anything, the concept of "Sunday Best" has contributed to the barrier between church and the outside. A person considering church, shouldn't have to give a seconds thought about whether they 'have something appropriate to wear."
And even if you are one that feels like you haven't ever put pressure on anyone to dress a certain way, haven't you though by the way you yourself dresses. Verbal speech isn't nearly the motivator or influence that action is. So what should you do? Dress down or dress up? I can't necessarily answer that for you, but certainly would suggest you giving it a few minutes thought while you get ready for church. Are you dressing up to impress others, to make yourself feel good? Should that really be a consideration at all, or is even the consideration of your dress as you prep for church a stumbling block, perhaps one of the most overlooked ones.  All this playing dress up simply increases vanity, pride, and the power of the clique that makes it hard for those outside your circle to enter in, which is totally the point of Jesus.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chuck Norris with a swift Right Kick to Sex in the Media

    Call me weird, call me out of touch, just don't call me Larry. I'm afraid I was unaware until recently that Chuck Norris, Mr. Def Con, Mr. Redheaded Ninja,  Mr. Total Gym, Mr. Facts and yes even Mr. Texas Ranger, is among other things a conservative article writer and seen at the AFA (American Family Association) Website on their blog segment.
Not everyone agrees with his views, but of course, isn't that kind of the norm? The first article I noticed by him was the following one, and it's certainly a pertinent reality check. Sexual immorality is a vice that is pervading nearly every avenue possible in media and in our lives in general. Quite difficult to escape it, sex is being pushed in our face more than any politician campaign or rhetoric. Don't believe me, just count how many commercials you can go before you hit one that is using sexual arousal in some way to sell a product.
Check out his article, and then intentionally decide and take efforts in your own life and those you influence to both guard against and fight back the tidal wave that is sexual marketing.

Sex, Media, and Signs of the Times by Chuck Norris (yes that Chuck Norris)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

American History

Please check out  and see the post regarding Dave Barton and his mission to reveal the  manipulations of American History that has occurred under our noses in American History education.

The message is relevant and significant to all of us today. Without understanding the past, with ALL the accurate details available, how can we hope to make informed and moral decisions in the future?
**update:  just got Part 2 of that message added, both parts are very eye-opening, a reality check of our history.

Thanks and enjoy. God bless our Freedom.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feel like a cast away?

Even today, some of you may feel like a cast away. You may feel like you are forgotten, perhaps you're some kind of walking dead, that nobody thinks about or remembers. These thoughts are untrue of course, lies told to us by evil, and even by ourselves. To think thus, makes one paralyzed, disabled from living the life that you should and could, and want to live.
May you be encouraged to get up and out of this feeling of being cast off. Until then, there is a piece that Alan Silvestri created for the movie Cast Away (2000) that may be soothing to you. Though very somber, there are notes of hope. 

"And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Who Knows?

    How often do we say the phrase "who knows?" in response to some question? This is a funny thing to say, since there is Someone that knows right? Most likely there are at least 2 that know. There is at least one person that is likely to know, and then there is God. Even other belief systems besides Christianity regard God as an all-knowing type of entity. The Bible supports His omniscience.

I've often caught myself saying "who knows" and subsequently hearing a little voice in the back of my mind say "God does."
"Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account"  Hebrews 4:13

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Little Boy and a Big God

       My wife and I have been enduring a crisis time in our life for this past year, and in that stress and anxiety we've been daily praying for encouragement, for a miracle. During the time we've tried to shelter our kids from as we can, and provide a 'stable life.' Well my little 4 year old, at lunch time prayer yesterday (saying "grace") on 6/14/11, had a special request. Usually he's been in the habit of just saying a very scripted sounding prayer of his own making, basically just the same prayer he always says unless we help 'remind' him of particular prayer requests he might want to mention.
But this time was different. The last several days, and off and on for weeks I suppose, he had been asking questions here and there about God.  We try to answer questions without pushing him too much. During this prayer time, my little boy prayed saying that he wanted God to be in HIS heart and to save him. What's amazing is how we didn't prod the prayer or him in any way.
I asked him later, about why he wanted God in his heart, and he said it was because "God is wonderful" and "not even bad." My wife at the time did discuss 'sin' again with him to try to confirm that he understood why it was that being saved was necessary.  He is young, and will no doubt wrestle with the mysteries of Faith as he continues on, as we all do. I'm just amazed he would be comprehending enough to initiate a prayer like that at his age. Both he and his sister never cease to amaze, we can only hope that she will also see the need for Faith.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Japanese "elderly" to risk themselves on the nuclear cleanup

I was truly moved by the bravery shown by more than 200 of the "seasoned" demographic of Japan, risking themselves and facing the radiation threat of nuclear cleanup. Obviously they have their future generations in mind, and take the pragmatic, yet still selfless act of doing what most wouldn't be willing to do.
You can read the article from the UK BBC here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Encouraging Word

Words, are both used to attack, and to defend. Words are used to deflate and to rise up. Amazing how words can have such tangible interpretation isn't it? They are a simple uttering of the voice, a sound created by air passing through the vocal tissues; and yet words can set things in motion like a finger tapping the first domino.

Never think that your words do not matter. Sometimes a person can be under such gloom that words seem ineffective; but give them a try anyway. Such a physically miniscule action, that has the potential for so much reaction, let us never take it for granted.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are you Strong?

Are you Strong? Notice, I didn't qualify that with "strong SMELLING" or "Strong MUSCLES." Actally in this instance I'm wondering if you're Strong WILLED. This can be looked at as 'stubborn' but is that always a bad thing?

On the fromJtoZoe blog I posted about Cynthia Tobias who has an LLC that produces and presents materials about working with strong willed children (or adults) and how to understand the learning styles of children. Cynthia has also been a police officer at one time so that makes her presentations even more interesting, as she shows that utilizing a strong will in the right way can manifest amazing results.

Are you stubborn as a mule, well perk up, it may just be your best quality!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Audio Bible at

Audio Bible via

You could listen to music inspired and written by musicians living with a non-Biblical worldview, living in their secular lifestyle choosing denial and the distractions of the world instead of Truth.  You could listen to Christian radio, and hear music inspired by Biblical concepts, and that's pretty Good. As an alternative though, you could go straight to the source of Truth itself, the Bible. For some listening to the Bible is more productive than reading, though doing both is recommended.
Give the Bible a listen, it isn't sugarcoated and tasty, but it is Truth.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Being a Zero

Being a Zero is what everyone tries to avoid; yet everyone wants more of them at the end of their paycheck amount.

You might feel like a real zero sometimes. Just try to feel uplifted with the thought that zeroes are pretty important in themselves!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You see those BlogLinks over there?

On the upper right side of your screen as you read this you should see a section of blog links. They cover some RV topics as well as Faith/Religion. More may be added to this list in the future, so check back. Leave comments as you like, and I hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Price at the Pump brings out Whiners but not Changers

Noticing that the price at the pump at a local gas station had risen 9 cents since the prior day, I was a little sticker-shocked. With that shock came an easing up of my foot on the accelerator pedal. Then the thought occurred to me as I made my way to work, getting on an interstate to head into town. "No one else seems worried about the gas prices, judging by how fast they are driving, or by their driving style," I mused remembering tips about saving fuel expenditure. To save on fuel, the tips you read usually include a general slowing down of overall speeds. Also, gradual acceleration, as opposed to "gunning it" is always recommended when you read about fuel economy.
So again, to restate the thought at the beginning, I hear people whining and crying about fuel costs, and yet I don't see people actually changing their driving habits to help make up for it. Not only is this post about supply and demand influence, but I think more it is about the fact that we Americans (and probably people of other countries too to an extent) are resistant to change that we don't want. Yes, it's called being selfish and rebellious to what we see as negative stimulus or authority. We're more stubborn than the Israelites of the Bible it would seem.
I hope you see the parallels I'm implying here, yea primarily I'd just like to see people slow it up a bit and be affected to CHANGE by their environment, rather than just being affect to CRY about it. And with that concept, other areas of life should equally be affected, in your morals; in your relationships; in your ideals.
There are immensely worse stimuli affecting our societies and culture in negative ways that we are allowing to change us for the worse rather than motivating us to change things for the better of ourselves and those coming up behind us.
Change, if for the good, is a GOOD thing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birth of Days

Some people really hate when Birthday time comes around, I am one of those. I hate the attention to my aging body; my diminishing life; my mortality on the earth. I hate being reminded of what I haven't accomplished yet in the years I've been given. I hate stressing about what, if anything, I'll get accomplished in the years I have left. So once a year, with every "happy birthday!" greeting, the reminder of these things are put forth. Sometimes the reminders even come sprinkled with embellishments like "boy you sure are getting old" and other "over the hill" comments. "How's it feel to be another year older?" I get asked by a poor, unsuspecting wisher of good will. I'd like to respond, "Well, similar to how it feels when I kick you square in the face." I'd like to respond that way, I think it, but somehow before the words get from my mind to my voice it gets converted via the "Be Nice" thought converter into something like "oh, just another day."
Though I should thank God for every birthday I see, and I try to - don't get me wrong. Satan likes to pound at us with negativity, and I'm one of those that often lets him. Birthdays were meant for celebration. And if I didn't get those birthday greetings I might well be complaining that "nobody loves me" or some dribble.
So wish me a happy birthday, but you might wanna do it from afar.
God Bless! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring is here

         Rising up in action, 
but breaking under too much pressure; 
         softening your ride, 
and bringing more light to your every-day

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picking out Daddy's Shirt

Just wanted to share the amazing things you can discover in the heart of a child. A Daddy asked his 4 year-old boy to "come here." Now this boy is one of those that actually responds fairly well to such a command, being taught that such a command isn't always bad and is often good. So be careful to not make all your directives to your kids things that are "negative" and they might respond the same. But I digress, he came to where I was standing by my closet and I picked up the 40 lb bundle of joy and stepped into where my "work shirts" were hanging. I asked simply, "what do you think Daddy should wear to work tomorrow" (yes I often speak in the third person, I'm sure it's quite confusing and will scar his grammar for years to come).  He scanned the available selection and picked one. I said, "OK, that's what I'll wear" (notice the change from 3rd to 1st person, definitely gonna muck up his English skills). He asks a sensible question, "why don't you know what you were going to wear tomorrow?" Responding, I simply said, "I just thought I'd let Lucas pick (yes, 3rd person again, Lucas is the boy's name of course). At this, he turns his head to face me in acknowledgment of this bestowing of honor, and gives the most genuine hug you can imagine. He ends the moment with "I Love you Daddy."
Now that's what makes being a parent worth it. That's what makes a child's life worth it. You infuse your child with Love AND Discipline, bringing them up in the Way that they should go, being prepared for an amazing ride.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People ARE special! No, REALLY!

     Sometimes right when you need it, someone, maybe even someone you don't even know personally, gives you some words that encourage you. If you're tied to an office chair much of your working life, might I suggest joining a forum website based on your hobbies & interests (if your job place allows). A forum is simply a website using software that creates a discussion space that people can login and post to (kind  of like facebook or other social networking sites but there's some pretty clear differences). Join one and you'll see what I mean. Facebook and such are more about sharing yourself via pictures/media as well as just comments. A forum focuses on the DISCUSSION aspect. Sure many forums allow uploading of a photo within the context of your post, some even allow other attachments, but the overwhelming purpose of a forum is Discussion of a particular topic.
Forums are amazing places to glean information, you can find answers to problems, or get to ASK your questions about a problem you're having. Are you into gardening, go find a gardening forum and ask that question you have about crossing a grape with a pumpkin. 
All forums have particular rules to live by, usually relating to whether or not you can solicit business, or staying away from inflammatory talk or comments, though some forums may be totally open to that.

But the best thing about forums (and sometimes the worst) is that people can come together and share their opinion and advice. And sometimes its just what you need to hear.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Penny Stocks?

I've always heard that stocks are risky, and penny stocks are much riskier. Strange since, they're cheaper, one might think they would be less risky.
But 'on a tip' and after some research (not enough I assure you), my firefox browser was opened up and was entered into the address bar. There was some cash funds laying around in there collecting dust since my last stock market ventures and they needed reviving. With the relatively small amount in there I was able to purchase 5000 shares of a penny stock! Never thought I'd have 5000 shares of anything! The idea is amazing to me that, if the per share price goes to even just $1, an amount that isn't sufficient to buy coffee at most places, then I'll be cashing in big time. Inversely it could totally tank.
I didn't bet the farm though, just plugged in some cash that wasnt doing too much anyway. Here's to being an American and being bullish.
If you are new to the stock market world, and you wanna get involved with investing, I've like Scottrade. If you open an account, plug in the referral code VVSV2099 if you would, and they'll grant me a few free trades. Thanks. I'm basically with Scottrade due to the $7/trade cost and the fact they usually have a local branch office in a metro near you to be able to ask questions IN PERSON. I know, their commercials aren't as cute as E*Trades... but I still like em'.

I-45 from Houston

A beautiful windy and sunny day heading north up I-45 from Houston to Dallas and beyond. Lord, if willing, will find us up in Southeast Kansas last tonight. Been down to MD Anderson's in Houston for the MIL's (mother-in-law) checkup with a doc. We enjoyed eating at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse can see my review of that at another blog (yea  I need the multiple blogsites to keep up with my multiple personalities).

We also went Johnson Space Center, which is cool if you're interested about anything NASA, but I didn't get to ride in a spaceship like I'd hoped.  :) 
Drove down for dinner and some sand in Galveston, though drab, overcast and bleak it was still fun to allow our two little redheads a touch of the ocean.
That's all for now, hoping for safe travels.