Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chuck Norris with a swift Right Kick to Sex in the Media

    Call me weird, call me out of touch, just don't call me Larry. I'm afraid I was unaware until recently that Chuck Norris, Mr. Def Con, Mr. Redheaded Ninja,  Mr. Total Gym, Mr. Facts and yes even Mr. Texas Ranger, is among other things a conservative article writer and seen at the AFA (American Family Association) Website on their blog segment.
Not everyone agrees with his views, but of course, isn't that kind of the norm? The first article I noticed by him was the following one, and it's certainly a pertinent reality check. Sexual immorality is a vice that is pervading nearly every avenue possible in media and in our lives in general. Quite difficult to escape it, sex is being pushed in our face more than any politician campaign or rhetoric. Don't believe me, just count how many commercials you can go before you hit one that is using sexual arousal in some way to sell a product.
Check out his article, and then intentionally decide and take efforts in your own life and those you influence to both guard against and fight back the tidal wave that is sexual marketing.

Sex, Media, and Signs of the Times by Chuck Norris (yes that Chuck Norris)

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