Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Media Page - Look UP now!

    In the menu navigation bar you'll notice a new page called 'Media' that has been added.  This is basically a method of saying to you "hey, check out this song or video!"   Basically when I come across a song or video that is especially touching or motivating and inspirational I'll try to get it included on that page. I try to also include amazon links as well so that you can get hold of it for yourself. Understand if you aren't looking to get the whole CD, you can usually browse your way to buying the MP3 from amazon, often for less or around 99 cents per song.
Some songs are especially motivating or moving; and perhaps that all depends on where you are at in life at the moment of hearing it. Regardless, hopefully you'll be moved by some of these pieces like I was, and it may introduce you to a new artist you've never heard before. Enjoy!

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