Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birth of Days

Some people really hate when Birthday time comes around, I am one of those. I hate the attention to my aging body; my diminishing life; my mortality on the earth. I hate being reminded of what I haven't accomplished yet in the years I've been given. I hate stressing about what, if anything, I'll get accomplished in the years I have left. So once a year, with every "happy birthday!" greeting, the reminder of these things are put forth. Sometimes the reminders even come sprinkled with embellishments like "boy you sure are getting old" and other "over the hill" comments. "How's it feel to be another year older?" I get asked by a poor, unsuspecting wisher of good will. I'd like to respond, "Well, similar to how it feels when I kick you square in the face." I'd like to respond that way, I think it, but somehow before the words get from my mind to my voice it gets converted via the "Be Nice" thought converter into something like "oh, just another day."
Though I should thank God for every birthday I see, and I try to - don't get me wrong. Satan likes to pound at us with negativity, and I'm one of those that often lets him. Birthdays were meant for celebration. And if I didn't get those birthday greetings I might well be complaining that "nobody loves me" or some dribble.
So wish me a happy birthday, but you might wanna do it from afar.
God Bless! :)

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