Friday, April 29, 2011

Price at the Pump brings out Whiners but not Changers

Noticing that the price at the pump at a local gas station had risen 9 cents since the prior day, I was a little sticker-shocked. With that shock came an easing up of my foot on the accelerator pedal. Then the thought occurred to me as I made my way to work, getting on an interstate to head into town. "No one else seems worried about the gas prices, judging by how fast they are driving, or by their driving style," I mused remembering tips about saving fuel expenditure. To save on fuel, the tips you read usually include a general slowing down of overall speeds. Also, gradual acceleration, as opposed to "gunning it" is always recommended when you read about fuel economy.
So again, to restate the thought at the beginning, I hear people whining and crying about fuel costs, and yet I don't see people actually changing their driving habits to help make up for it. Not only is this post about supply and demand influence, but I think more it is about the fact that we Americans (and probably people of other countries too to an extent) are resistant to change that we don't want. Yes, it's called being selfish and rebellious to what we see as negative stimulus or authority. We're more stubborn than the Israelites of the Bible it would seem.
I hope you see the parallels I'm implying here, yea primarily I'd just like to see people slow it up a bit and be affected to CHANGE by their environment, rather than just being affect to CRY about it. And with that concept, other areas of life should equally be affected, in your morals; in your relationships; in your ideals.
There are immensely worse stimuli affecting our societies and culture in negative ways that we are allowing to change us for the worse rather than motivating us to change things for the better of ourselves and those coming up behind us.
Change, if for the good, is a GOOD thing!

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