Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People ARE special! No, REALLY!

     Sometimes right when you need it, someone, maybe even someone you don't even know personally, gives you some words that encourage you. If you're tied to an office chair much of your working life, might I suggest joining a forum website based on your hobbies & interests (if your job place allows). A forum is simply a website using software that creates a discussion space that people can login and post to (kind  of like facebook or other social networking sites but there's some pretty clear differences). Join one and you'll see what I mean. Facebook and such are more about sharing yourself via pictures/media as well as just comments. A forum focuses on the DISCUSSION aspect. Sure many forums allow uploading of a photo within the context of your post, some even allow other attachments, but the overwhelming purpose of a forum is Discussion of a particular topic.
Forums are amazing places to glean information, you can find answers to problems, or get to ASK your questions about a problem you're having. Are you into gardening, go find a gardening forum and ask that question you have about crossing a grape with a pumpkin. 
All forums have particular rules to live by, usually relating to whether or not you can solicit business, or staying away from inflammatory talk or comments, though some forums may be totally open to that.

But the best thing about forums (and sometimes the worst) is that people can come together and share their opinion and advice. And sometimes its just what you need to hear.

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