Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picking out Daddy's Shirt

Just wanted to share the amazing things you can discover in the heart of a child. A Daddy asked his 4 year-old boy to "come here." Now this boy is one of those that actually responds fairly well to such a command, being taught that such a command isn't always bad and is often good. So be careful to not make all your directives to your kids things that are "negative" and they might respond the same. But I digress, he came to where I was standing by my closet and I picked up the 40 lb bundle of joy and stepped into where my "work shirts" were hanging. I asked simply, "what do you think Daddy should wear to work tomorrow" (yes I often speak in the third person, I'm sure it's quite confusing and will scar his grammar for years to come).  He scanned the available selection and picked one. I said, "OK, that's what I'll wear" (notice the change from 3rd to 1st person, definitely gonna muck up his English skills). He asks a sensible question, "why don't you know what you were going to wear tomorrow?" Responding, I simply said, "I just thought I'd let Lucas pick (yes, 3rd person again, Lucas is the boy's name of course). At this, he turns his head to face me in acknowledgment of this bestowing of honor, and gives the most genuine hug you can imagine. He ends the moment with "I Love you Daddy."
Now that's what makes being a parent worth it. That's what makes a child's life worth it. You infuse your child with Love AND Discipline, bringing them up in the Way that they should go, being prepared for an amazing ride.

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  1. I am so blessed to be able to parent our children together with you. I love you too Hunny. You'll be looking great tomorrow in your work clothes!